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Isaiah's World

"For to us a child is born…" Isaiah 9:6a

Isaiah 9:1-5 is a narrative of their 'times' - days of gloom, distress, darkness, bondage and oppression. Primarily this was because of evil kings who led the people away from God. But Isaiah received a word from the Lord - For to us a child is born.' The word 'for' is a transitional word that meant something was about to change. A new day was coming and this child would be a godly King who would restore Israel. The old order of evil would soon be replaced with the birth of this child. This brought hope to Isaiah - life would never be the same, for God was sending us…


"…To us a son is given…" Isaiah 9:6b

In Biblical times a son could represent his father. The two were considered one. So, the son could speak, act and execute business dealings for the family. To Isaiah, the son to come was the same as God himself coming to rescue His people. But rescued from what? - The gloom, distress, darkness and bondage that our sin brought on us - not on him. This is real love. Jesus was also referred to as the 'Son of man', which means He represents all of us too!


"…And the government will be on His shoulders…" Isaiah 9:6c

There was a time (back in the garden) when man was governed by God - it was the best of times. But, because of sin, the rule of our lives was stolen by the serpent (thief) - it's been the worst of times. Since then, we've been ruled by evil: selfishness; greed; fear; anger - Need I continue? Even the best of us, people who tried hard, have governed us poorly. sin disqualifies 'man' from being good rulers over others. Our only hope is for a righteous King to come govern us. But this new government will not be forced on us - we must choose His rule.

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