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May Newsletter

Some leaders are fantastic, some are so/so and some are horrible. All, as we know, are flawed because, as we know, all people are flawed. When you study the Presidents of America, each one of them had their personal issues which influenced some poor decisions. The same was true of the Kings of Israel. Without a doubt the greatest of Israel's Kings was David, and he certainly had his own flaws, or should I say, sins.

God, in His great patience and love, still desired to use all the kings of Israel and He desires to use all the leaders of people today. What makes this difficult for God is working with the flaws of those leaders. God knew King Saul was going to be a handful, but he wanted to use him anyway, and King Saul complied with the Lord, for a while. At first he was a good King with the help and supervision of the Prophet Samual. But then Saul started to rely on himself and disaster was waiting. He violated the laws of God to do his own thing and it was not good. So God prepared to bring another king over Israel - one after (a pursuer or follower) His own heart. This new King would be David.

Pretty much everyone knows the story of David and Goliath. Well this one courageous act of David put him right in the middle of King Saul's palace as one of his Generals. This soon to be and anointed King was working for the greatly flawed old King. "Rut Ro."

Saul, out of fear and insecurity, was very jealous of David. This jealously led Saul into doing some very terrible things. Once while David was eating, and at another time while playing the harp, Saul threw a spear at him, nearly killing him. The fact that David continued to stick around after the first attempt on his life was amazing. After the second attempt however, David fled for his life and never would return to working under Saul as a General for Israel.

Once David left Israel one would think Saul would let it go and it would be over. Saul's rival was out of the picture. But, being the seriously flawed man he was, Saul would not let it (him) go. He pursued him with 3,000 of his best soldiers. Soldiers who were once led and trained by David, were now hunting him in order to kill him. My how one leader's sin can confuse and complicate things.

On one occasion, while Saul and his (David's) men were chasing David, a messenger came to Saul and said the Philistines are raiding the land. So Saul broke off his pursuit of David in order to fight the Philistines and protect the people of Israel (1 Samuel 23:26-28).

The flaws (fears and insecurities) of Saul preoccupied him with sin and prevented him from being the leader Israel desperately needed.

God wants to use us, for we are all leaders in some capacity. The problem is, when we leave our sins unchecked by the Lord, two dangerous and destructive things can occur: One, we pursue something or someone who is not worth our time or effort; Two, because we only have so much time, we stop doing what we are called to do. In Saul's case, pursuing David (no threat to Israel) and then neglecting his role as King (protect the country).

Staying close to God, as David did, makes us the leaders our families and work places desperately need. Never let your flaws keep you from following God.

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