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What's in a Name

"…He will be called…" Isaiah 9:6d

People are given names for all sorts of reasons. Some are given a treasured family name, others are named after a famous person who is admired. Then there was that unfortunate boy named Sue. Back in Biblical days, a person may have been named for where they were from, or for their job. Our names are a moniker - a 'handle' people associate us by. God has been given, or given Himself, many different names. Some refer to His character, while others are descriptive, or working titles. Isaiah foretold the coming messiah would be known for His:


"…Wonderful Counselor…" Isaiah 9:6d

'Wonderful' (full of wonder) from the Hebrew, means distinguished, remarkable and miraculous (above the ordinary course of nature). Everything about the son God was sending would be so extraordinary that it would not add up. His inconceivable conception would be difficult to believe. The word 'Counselor' is defined as 'wisdom', combined with an ability to govern and guide mankind. For Isaiah, the meaning of this new 'Wonderful Counselor' was that the idea of God (sending the Messiah to earth), to die for us, was such a wise plan, that it was beyond our comprehension - too wonderful to even make sense.


"…Mighty God…" Isaiah 9:6e

For Isaiah, the coming Messiah would be as mighty as the Lord, whom he saw in a vision, as recorded in Isaiah 6:1-3, ('Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord almighty '). The term 'mighty', which Isaiah, as well as many other prophets used to define God, meant that He is the alpha, the dominant, unimpeachable and impeccable power. God cannot be bested by anyone or anything. And His wonderfully wise plan to send Jesus to earth was going to happen, and would be the winning solution over mankind's sins. God wins, period! We either yield to Him, or we will lose out for our refusal to believe in His power to conquer sin.

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